Rules, What Rules?

Strategy & Accounting Roadmap


You are in the right place if you are:

Unclear about What Financial Statements Can Tell You about Your Business

Lacking Clarity & Direction on Action Steps for Growth in a Turbulent Economy

Unclear About How 2021 Ends & What 2022 Looks Like….

At a Loss to Know Who to Turn to for Guidance

This is for you if you want to:


  • Take the Pain Out of Always Reacting to the Latest Crisis
  • Develop Steps to Take You Out of the Day-to-Day to a Broader View that Gives You Back Time
  • Understand How Your Financial Reports Give Clues to Your Future Results
  • Stop Pressuring Yourself to “Do It Right” the First Time (& Worry about Losing Money if You Don’t)
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Rules, What Rules?
Strategy & Accounting Roadmap Course

You Have A Plan to End 2021 Strong, Right?

Where Are You Today?

  • Frustrated with Uncertainty
  • Concerned About Remaining in Business
  • Don’t Know What to Do Next
  • Can’t Afford Help, a Mentor or Consultant

Where do you want to be in 2022?

  • Virtual Presence
  • Thinking Outside the Box
  • Moving Quickly - Agile
  • Listening More to Your Clients

When you believe: 1) You can’t grow in Turbulent Times, 2) There’s not enough opportunity Now, 3) It is not a good time to Build Business, or 4) You don’t have a Clear Vision of a Future State, you are missing opportunities.


  • Is the Vision of where You Want to Take Your Business Unclear?
  • Have Top-Line Numbers Stalled and Expenses Are Too High?
  • Are Operations at Maximum Capacity, Manual or Automated, with No Room for Expansion?
  • Are Cumbersome Systems Hindering Operations?
  • Are You Managing Your Business, not Leading It?   

And Going It Alone has Not Improved Your Position. 


Building, Growing, and Sustaining Consistent Profits is Achievable When You have a Proven Step-By-Step Action Plan.  You can get the Transformative Results You Desire and You CAN Make this Happen in Your Business Today.

Learn the techniques you can apply over and over again to set strategies and accounting practices.


The Business Growth Expert

LAURETTE LONGMIRE, The Business Growth Expert, has been evaluating businesses and recommending improvements for growth for 30 years.  Small business, Fortune 500 and not-for-profit corporations have benefited from her innate business sense and her abilities to create informed business recommendations to streamline, redesign, systematize, and improve practices for ongoing business growth.  She has the ability to present complex or technical topics to her clients in clear, easy to understand language. Learn more about Laurette at

Accounting & Ethics Expert

MARCY MASLOV, Accounting & Ethics Expert. Marcy is the Plain English Accountant who uses a practical approach to helping clients know their numbers.  She guides small business owners to remove the fear of bookkeeping in a fun and safe way.  Marcy earned her accounting experience from more than 25 years’ in Fortune 500 companies and 17+ years as an entrepreneur. Learn more about Marcy at

How would you feel if you had 100% confidence, clarity, and the knowledge to manage our financials and business strategies?


The Rules, What Rules?  Strategy & Accounting Roadmap Course is all about:

  • Giving You the Knowledge and Tools to Effortlessly: 1) Develop Business Strategies and 2) Control Your Business Financials
  • Getting Visibility into How Your Business is Working
  • Setting a Direction for You to Take Your Business
  • Enabling You to Make Informed Operational and Strategic Decisions using Current Financial Data


If you’ve read this far, it’s because:

  • Maybe You’re Thinking About How to Sustain Your Business
  • Your Business is Not Growing & Losing Money
  • You need Clarity, are Feeling Stuck & Need Help
  • You just Need a System to Pivot and Move Forward in this New Normal
  • You are Working Harder and Not Getting Ahead
  • You are Worried about Not “Doing It Right”


The Obvious Question is…

How do I know my strategy will work, lose my fear of numbers, and reduce my feeling of overwhelm NOW?


It’s Your Choice…

You can do it painfully … not having success in trying to figure it out on your own or choosing the wrong guides

Or…You can learn it quickly with proven, repeatable systems, the exact steps, and our personal guidance…


It’s important to know….

  • We both Believe in Delivering Easy-to-Follow Steps and Proven Systems that are Duplicatable and Transferrable to You
  • Learning in a Group has to be FUN and Motivating to Keep You Engaged and Excited About the Results You Want
  • Accountability is Key to Making This a Reality
  • We LOVE Teaching These Skills to Enable You to Make Your Business Better!


Having the Confidence, Understanding, and Knowledge to Improve Your Results….

How would that feel in one or two words?


Complete Step-by-Step Business Strategy & Accounting Systems

Take You by the Hand

(we will tell you exactly what to do each step of the way)

No Confusion

(you begin with a system and gain clarity and knowledge)

Weekly LIVE Training and Worksheets

(exact How-To Action Plan)

Personal Mentoring

(we help you understand each system independently & jointly)


You’re probably asking yourself…..


Do I continue with the DIY method I’ve been using?


Do I register for the Rules, What Rules? Course?



The Training + Mentoring Support includes:

  • 8-week Step-by-Step Live, Personalized Group Training
  • 7 Weekly Zoom Training Sessions: All Recorded & Available – Thursdays, October 21 - November 11 + December 9 - 16 & Wednesday, November 17
  • Project:  Create your 2022 Strategic Plan & Budget with Feedback (October 28 - December 5)
  • Workbooks for each Session

Content + Mentoring + Community = 100% support!

The Investment?

It is not $15,000 – or $2,000 an Hour

It could easily cost $6,000 or more as the value just for the training, not including bonuses, is more than $8,500!  We are offering this course for $1,497.

This is a limited time opportunity with space for only 10 participants.  Once we reach 10 people the doors will close as we cannot deliver the quality training we want for you to be successful.


  • Personal Business Review & Evaluation -- Complete a Questionnaire to Measure Where You Are
  • 2 - 30-minute Strategy Calls -- Review Questionnaire with Each Expert (week of November 29th)
  • 60-day Unlimited Email Access to the Experts

The total value of these bonuses is more than $3,000.


The Course has a Total Value of more than $11,000.  We offer an easy payment plan of 3 payments at $549 each or a single installment of $1,497, saving you $150.

IMPORTANT: Space is limited for this specialty Course and will fill up fast due to the information-rich, proven business model of what Marcy & Laurette will be teaching. They will reveal hidden secrets from their Fortune 500 experience as experts in accounting, ethics, strategy & systems. DON’T MISS IT!